January 29, 2018

Private enforcement agents vote for the second time with the modern technology by Information Services Jsc

At their Annual General Assembly held on January 27th 2018, the Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents (CPEA) for the second time entrusted the voting process to the machine technology, developed and provided by Information Services Jsc. The elections of the chairman and the members of the organization management bodies were carried out through 20 voting devices equipped with the machine voting platform developed by Information Services Jsc. The technology offers high level of security, it includes check receipts to verify the correctness of the processed results. The voting was done through smart cards with advanced qualified electronic signature certificate by StampIT – the qualified services provider of Information services Jsc.

Each voting took between 5 to 7 minutes when all the attendees managed to exercise their vote. The results were visualized as soon as the respective voting was completed.

The voting process as well as the results were validated by an auditor, an information security specialist from an independent certification organization.


Information Services Jsc is among the technological leaders in the field of provision of high-tech services in the ICT sector in Bulgaria.

The company specializes in the building, development and maintenance of information systems of national importance among which the information systems for management of revenues from local taxes and fees, the main information systems of the National Revenue Agency including the public services of the agency, the systems of the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Agency and is a technological partner to the Central Elections Committee.